Horrors Unlimited

Haunted Attraction Promotional Video's

Complete Package - Includes location filming and video creation 2-3 minutes in length with music, sound, and animated titles.

$1000.00 + Travel Expenses. Add photography services to this package for $400.00 extra

Video Creation - Already have video of you Attraction we can cut you a killer 2- 3-minute video with animated type and music for $600.00

Filming Services

Half day video shoot 4 Hours Includes - HD Camera, Tripod and lighting kit. $500.00 Camera Crane and Steadicam can be added for an additional cost

Full day video Shoot 7.5 Hours $900.00

Editing and Effects Services

Video Editing Services - Horrors Unlimited edits in Final Cut Studio, Final Cut X and Adobe Premier Hourly rate is $40.00 per hour

Visual Effects Services - Horrors Unlimited uses Adobe After Effects to create Titling and other composite effects such as decapitations, gunfire, and gore. Please Contact us for pricing.

Aerial Drone Video and Photography

Aerial Services are available for $400.00 per hour or add to a package to receive the service at a discounted price.


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