EBA Performance Makeup

EBA was founded in 2001 as a small body art company by an enthusiastic group of athletes driven by performance and innovation. From the beginning, the EBA team has been stepping beyond the ordinary and striving for the impossible by delivering products that artists can rely on under extreme conditions. Soon after EBA’s jump to the special fx industry, EBA makeup products quickly became known for their never before seen durability, intense coverage and realistic looking colors. EBA has gained the reputation of the world’s premiere brand and supplier of performance makeup in the body art and body painting industry.

EBA has continued working hard and expanding its product line. By 2014 EBA Performance Makeup developed into one of the most respected makeup brands by artists and professionals in film productions, TV shows, live performances and other entertainment industries.

With an ever increasing demand by consumers for easy to use reliable makeup products, in 2017, EBA launched a consumer based makeup line. EBA consumer makeup products implement the same formulas and characteristics as the products developed for professionals. EBA performance makeup products are now enjoyed by consumers around the globe including individuals with active life styles, athletes, travelling business professionals, makeup enthusiasts and people in need of reliable and durable makeup cover up.

Today, EBA performance makeup products are sold globally through an extensive network of retail stores and used by both, professional makeup artists and consumers.


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