The Art of Dug Stanat



I love to sculpt creatures, characters, monsters, and spirits.

My work is about meeting darkness with humor, celebrating the strange, and searching for the unseen.


Armed with little more than a love of things that eat people, I began my art career in the early nineties, selling mixed media monster sculptures in local San Francisco galleries.

After six years of exploring sculpture, I found that I wanted to make my creations move. I dabbled with stop motion, but soon turned to 3D computer graphics and was immediately hooked to the point that I abandoned physical sculpture. After making several independent shorts, I was hired as a character technical director by DreamWorks Animation, where I spent the next twelve years creating digital facial puppets for eight feature films (, including How To Train Your Dragon, Rise of the Guardians, Madagascar, and Shrek 2.

After more than a decade of digital work on large productions, I was ready to once again work with my own hands on my own designs. In 2013, I left DreamWorks to return to the life of an independent artist. I resumed my work in mixed media, and also began working in ceramics, finding that the two mediums provide very different joys, benefits, and results.

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