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Four Sides of Cross [Official Website]

What are the Four Sides of Cross? Are you sure want to know the answer to that? Are you ready to see as the voices in my strange and awkward mind come to life? These voices will escape the safe confines of my imagination and take their first breaths in my written and film work. These voices will form their own experiences as they liberate themselves from the dark dwellings of my mind. Some will find laughter and love, while others will deal with drama and personal nightmares coming true. So if you are ready for the wild ride born from escaped voices of my mind, click on and view either the Drama, Comedy, Love and Horror, they will pay for their freedom.

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costume boycostume girlOur first live podcast was on Saturday, December 11, 2021 and our goal is to obtain 10,000 subscribers / followers / members on each of our [small tech] social media accounts by our second anniversary.

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