Oldstyle Tales Press [Official Website]

A plucky, independent publisher based in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Oldstyle Tales Press specializes in critical, annotated and illustrated editions of classic ghost stories, weird fiction, and gothic horror from the Classical Era of Supernatural Fiction (1795 - 1935). Our mission is to make classic horror more accessible with an engaging aesthetic and clean design: to make the sort of books we would like to own, ourselves. Reading the classics should feel like an adventure -- not homework -- and we aim to bring that adventure to your armchair.


In spite of the disastrous plummet of the book market since the Great Recession of 2008, there has been a boom in affordable classics. Corporate publishing companies have rushed to produce cheaply priced and cheaply produced editions of recognizable-but-niche horror masterpieces like The Phantom of the Opera, The Turn of the Screw, and the short stories of Ambrose Bierce, M. R. James, and W. W. Jacobs. The results have often been disappointing and uninspired for readers who are looking for a deeper understanding of these works: a 3-5 page introduction revealing little more than a Wikipedia page, no notes, no illustrations, and no passion. Oldstyle Tales aspires to fill the gap between the high-cost academic editions and the cheap, mass productions thrown together on a word processor and slapped with a photoshopped cover.

Classic ghost stories, horror, and weird fiction deserve the delicate and involved attention that they cannot find in copy/pasted discount editions, at a better price and with more intimate editorial hand than they receive in the excellent, if dry academic publications in university bookstores. With care, precision, interest, and passion, we pledge to provide a much richer exploration of the supernatural canon than you are likely to find in the vast majority of the paperbacks with their names on the covers.


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