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‘Scream 6’ Will Release in Theaters March 2023!

Announced last month, Paramount and Spyglass have ordered up Scream 6 in the direct wake of Scream‘s box office success, and we now have a release date for the next sequel.

Netflix’s “Resident Evil” Live Action Series Will Premiere on July 14th!

The first-ever live action “Resident Evil” series is headed to Netflix this summer, the streaming service has announced today, with the series premiering on July 14, 2022.

Thirteen of Horror’s Most Unlucky Characters for St. Patrick’s Day

Horror is filled with unlucky characters. Ever since Little Maria (Marilyn Harris) innocently played with Frankenstein’s Monster (Boris Karloff) on a peaceful lake shore and Count Orlok (Max Schreck) moved in across the street from Nosferatu’s Hutter (Gustav von Wangenheim) and Ellen (Greta Schröder), the genre has been filled with stories of regular people who happen to stumble into the clutches of monsters. Though overcoming random twists of fate is largely what makes horror so empowering, it’s hard not to feel pity for these unfortunate souls and wonder how their lives would have unfolded if they’d managed to avoid the tragedies that befall them.

11 New Horror Movies Releasing This Week Including Ti West’s ‘X’!

It’s another big week for the horror genre, with a whopping 11 brand new horror movies headed our way. And once again, they’re all originals – no remakes, no sequels, no reboots!

Mystery Hour #1



Established in 2005.

HorrorHound launched in 2005 and quickly grew to become one of the best-selling and most respected magazines covering the horror genre. In 2007 we launched HorrorHound Weekend, an annual convention which is currently held twice a year, in Indianapolis, Indiana and in Cincinnati, Ohio. In 2013 HorrorHound Records was launched; a record label specializing in horror-themed original musical acts that includes Harley Poe, The Big Bad, and more. In 2014 HorrorHound Radio was established, providing bi-weekly podcast content revolving around the world of horror, and featuring the latest HorrorHound news. Near the end of 2015 the first-ever mass-produced “HorrorHound” action figure will be released. And starting in 2016 HorrorHound steps into the world of film distribution, with the new company: HorrorHound Features. Proving thatafter a decade in the industry.

The 100 greatest horror soundtracks

Horror scores are for life, not just for Halloween. Don’t believe us? Get to know these 100 chilling horror soundtracks, ranked in order of greatness. If you dare…

The Monster Channel

The Improved Monster Channel

It’s been a long time coming but it’s finally here! As of July 4th weekend The Monster Channel has a brand new easier to find website to watch all of our streaming goodness! Be sure to update your bookmarks and share the new site to everyone.

The Complete History of Horror Movies

The Complete History of Horror Movies – 1960-09,1960-09-30&genres=horror

The Complete History of Horror Movies – 1960-10,1960-10-31&genres=horror

The Complete History of Horror Movies – 1960-11,1960-11-30&genres=horror

The Complete History of Horror Movies – 1960-12,1960-12-31&genres=horror

Mystery Hour #2

W.A. Rusho Interview

Many people have a day when they come into their own. Sometimes it was when they first played a sport, others when they found a calling. For W.A. Rusho, it was when he was in the military, where he discovered the dedication and commitment that he lacked earlier in life. Through dedication he found confidence. This sense of commitment and confidence he applied to everything.

Following his military career, he pursued degrees in Criminal Justice and Communication Arts, and became a private investigator. As an investigator he learned the skill of paying attention to details as he observed people in his job. This attention to detail is reflected in his writings.

​W.A. Rusho is an amateur historian and this is reflected in his writings. He believes in applying real life knowledge and experience to writing, and that it is important to be true to reality as much as possible, even when writing fiction.

The Watcher

Horror Express

Mysterious and unearthly deaths start to occur while Professor Saxton is transporting the frozen remains of a primitive humanoid creature he found in Manchuria back to Europe.


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