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Power of the Night: A ‘Critters’ Franchise Retrospective

The Critters franchise is very close to my heart. Like Gremlins, it is not only one of the first horror movies I remember seeing, but it’s one of the first films I remember seeing in general.

SCREAMBOX Now Streaming Grindhouse Releasing Library Including Fulci’s ‘The Beyond’!

The SCREAMBOX streaming service is now powered by the Bloody Disgusting team, and “Freddy’s Nightmares” was only the beginning of what we have in store for ya here in 2022.

‘Morbius’ Review – A Serviceable But Mostly Fangless Introduction to the Living Vampire

Bloody Disgusting’s Morbius review is spoiler-free.

Spider-Man: No Way Home opened up the multiverse and introduced the vast potential for crossovers and introductions to Spider-Man’s more horror-based rogues. It makes sense that Morbius comes hot on No Way Home‘s heels, and well ahead of the new Blade. The living vampire’s comic origins as an adversary to Spider-Man and Blade expands the cinematic web further but introducing the character in a standalone feature to general audiences means skipping ahead straight to his antihero persona. It results in a standard origin story meant to acclimate audiences quickly, but it’s also devoid of much life or personality. 

Ten Must-Watch Horror Movies You Can Stream at Home in April!

Near Dark is back on Shudder… plus more horror gems to stream in April! 

Mystery Hour #1

Tennessee Macabre

Deke: Deke Rivers spends days being the very best werewolf boy that a man can be, which means he's a pretty detestable human. Still, he has his hands full with that recent alien abduction.

Grimm: When not serving the world at large as the Reaper, Grim tries to relax in his dusty crypt with the best death has to offer. That is, until it's time to crack open yet another prime horror flick.

THE list

THE list – Parts 5 through 8

The top list of horror movies.

The meticulous list of horror movies.

The full list of horror movies.

The impeccable list of horror movies.

The best list of horror movies.

The fantastic list of horror movies.

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The complete list of horror movies.

The greatest list of horror movies.

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The detailed list of horror movies.

The finest list of horror movies.

THE list

Mystery Hour #2 

Camp Crystal Lake

Camp Crystal Lake, later known as Camp Forest Green for a time, and very likely known as Camp Blood, is a fictional summer camp for kids in the Friday the 13th film series. It is located in Crystal Lake, Cunningham County, New Jersey (previously Forrest Green County and Wessex County). Camp Crystal Lake is most famous for being the home of serial killer Jason Voorhees.,+Sand+Pond

Night Chills Theatre

Night Chills Theatre #1: That Darn Skull!

This is my first try at a show, some things worked, some things didn't. But here it is, warts and all.

At the time I thought the running gag with Phydeaux should be that he never talked when the camera was on him. I soon realized that's a total dead end. You need someone there to have a good back-and-forth.!:c


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