Episode #23

Originally aired Saturday, June 25, 2022 only on Odysee.


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Episode #23

Originally aired Saturday, June 25, 2022 only on Odysee.


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THE HORROR STREAM LIVE covers any and everything horror. From the very big like movies, TV shows and books to the very small like horror memes, sketches of Jack-o'-lanterns, photos of your movie collection and everything in between. As long as it's horror, it has a place on THE HORROR STREAM LIVE.

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Small independent horror content creators move to the front of the line. Think of THE HORROR STREAM LIVE as a weekly 6 hour vehicle for promoting the works of small indie horror creators. A 6 hour weekly entertaining infomercial if you will.


THE list – Part 13

The top list of horror movies.

The definitive list of horror movies.

The full list of horror movies.

The impeccable list of horror movies.

The best list of horror movies.

The entire list of horror movies.

The comprehensive list of horror movies.

The perfect list of horror movies.

The complete list of horror movies.

The greatest list of horror movies.

The thorough list of horror movies.

The detailed list of horror movies.

The finest list of horror movies.

THE list


Winchester Mystery House


The Winchester Mystery House® is an architectural wonder and historic landmark in San Jose, CA that was once the personal residence of Sarah Lockwood Pardee Winchester, the widow of William Wirt Winchester and heiress to a large portion of the Winchester® Repeating Arms fortune.

Tragedy befell Sarah – her infant daughter died of a childhood illness and a few years later her husband was taken from her by tuberculosis.


Shortly after her husband’s death, Sarah left their home in New Haven, CT and moved out west to San Jose, CA. There, she bought an eight-room farmhouse and began what could only be described as the world’s longest home renovation, stopping only when Sarah passed on September 5, 1922.


From 1886 to 1922 construction seemingly never ceased as the original eight-room farmhouse grew into the world’s most unusual and sprawling mansion, featuring:

24,000 square feet

10,000 windows

2,000 doors

160 rooms

52 skylights

47 stairways and fireplaces

17 chimneys

13 bathrooms

6 kitchens

Built at a price tag of the $5 million dollars in 1923 or $71 million today


But what remained is indeed a mystery. Even before her passing, rumors of a “mystery house” being built by an eccentric and wealthy woman swirled. Was she instructed to build this home by a psychic? Was she haunted by the ghosts of those felled by the “Gun that Won the West”? Did construction truly never stop? What motivated a well-educated socialite to cut herself off from the rest of the world and focus almost solely on building the world’s most beautiful, yet bizarre mansion?


Sarah Winchester was a woman of independence, drive, and courage who lives on in legend. And the mansion she built is world renowned as much for the many design curiosities and innovations (many ahead of their time) as it is for the reported paranormal activity that resides within these walls.

These mysteries and more are what has drawn over 12 million guests to visit the Winchester Mystery House® since the doors opened June 30, 1923. Will you be able to unlock the mystery?


Nearly 100 years after the house opened for tours, millions of guests have visited Sarah Winchester’s beautiful home. We’ve been mentioned in many “Top Destination” lists around the world.

–A Top Destination, USA Today

–A “Most Mysterious Place on Earth”, MSN

–Top 10 Haunted Place, The Travel

–A Top Haunted Destination, Travel Channel

–A Top 10 Haunted Place, Time Magazine

–A Top 10 Best Haunted Destination, USA Today


Bloody Mary Makeup

Bobbie Weiner aka Bloody Mary


Bobbie Weiner, internationally known makeup artist and master of transformation is the owner of Bobbie Weiner Enterprises LLC, a product development company she started 25 years ago in a garage in San Diego, CA. after finishing the Special Effects makeup for the dead, frozen, floating actors in James Cameron’s hit film, “Titanic”.

The US Department of Defense recognizes Bobbie as their #1 supplier of Camouflage Face Paint for our Military in which Bobbie has received Gold Medals. Bobbie was approached by the Hunting Industry and they get the same face paint that she supplies the US Military. Bobbie developed a line of Sports Fan custom color makeup for fans to paint their faces when they go to Sporting Events to show their team spirit. These face paint kits sell in Colleges, High Schools and Major League programs. In 1999 Bobbie developed a line of Halloween Special Effects Makeup she named “Bloody Mary” that sells all over the world.

Bobbie has been written up in national and international magazines and newspapers. She has been featured on CNN and Entertainment Tonight. Bobbie continues to be in great demand for her famous Bloody Mary “Makeup to Die For” Workshops and “Motivational/ Inspirational Seminars.” In 2000 she was asked to be the key note speaker for the 7-11 International Convention which has led her to inspirational speaking engagements and lectures for all types of events including Conventions, Corporations, Women's Conferences and Colleges.

In February 2005 “The Tales of Bloody Mary” Comic Books, created by Bobbie, hit the shelves. As of June, 2005, Bobbie started licensing the brand name out, “Bloody Mary”. You can even buy Bloody Mary Hot Sauce and Bloody Mary’s “Bloody Mary Mix” today which was quickly nominated for the “Best Hot Sauce Label” after it was out on the shelves for just 2 weeks. “The Tales of Bloody Mary” cover of her first comic book won “First Place” for the Best Horror Poster by the National Haunters Convention in 2010.

In 2008 Bobbie licensed her brand name to Universal Studios Orlando where Bloody Mary was their attraction at Halloween Horror Nights. Bobbie’s Haunted House, “Bloody Mary’s Circus Of Fear” (which is from her 5th Comic Book) was licensed to Six Flags Over Texas and was featured there for 4 years. All proceeds from Bobbie’s Haunt went to The Boy Scouts of America. In 2011 Bobbie was featured on the home page of Yahoo by Fortune Magazine. The same year Bobbie made a deal with Yum Corp. She developed a Sports Fan Face Paint Kit and Contest for the Minnesota Vikings and the kits were sold in Taco Bell, Pizza Hut. In 2014 “Bloody Mary’s Revenge Haunted House” made its debut in Cleveland, OH at Spooky Ranch Halloween Theme Park. In 2016 Bobbie licensed Bloody Mary to Highland Farms in Rhode Island for Bloody Mary’s Trails Of Terror.

Bobbie has been featured on “One in a Million” “Big Idea”, The Donny Deutsch Show in September of 2008. Mark Burnett and Joan Rivers featured Bobbie in 2009 in a new TV show he developed about her and how she started her business, “How’d You Get So Rich”. Bobbie was featured on the cover of Millionaire Blueprints Magazine in 2008, “Bobbie Turned a Nickname into a Multi million-Dollar Brand”. In 2012 Bloody Mary’s makeup line was featured on the TV Show 30 Rock and Sons of Anarchy. In June 2013, Bloody Mary’s Makeup and Bloody Mary’s Bloody Mary Mix was presented and promoted in the mega hit TV show, “TrueBlood” and in their new “How to Throw a True Blood Party” Kit. In October of 2013 Bobbie’s line of Zombie Makeup is featured in all 3 books, “The Walking Dead” Fan Guide for Zombie Styles. On Sept 6th 2019 Fear on the Farm, Winfield WV, will be opening The Bloody Mary Caverns Haunted House.

NAWBO (National Assoc. Of Women Business Owners) honored Bobbie June 19th 2014 placing her in the Hall Of Fame in Dallas,Texas. The Huffington Post featured Bobbie in February 2016. Bobbie is now a sponsor of The Puppy Rescue Mission to help soldiers bring their war buddies home. In 2018 The New York Times Sunday Magazine featured Bobbie “The Business of Blending In”.

Bobbie is now written up in College Text Books and they compare her with Sam Walton. You can read more about Bobbie at www.bobbieweiner.com . You can book Bobbie as a keynote speaker, to give makeup demos and more! Bobbie’s autobiography, “I Can Do This”, The Bloody Mary Story, is available now on Amazon.

All of Bobbie's product lines are made in the USA


Lucifer Storm

Lucifer Storm is an award-winning Author & Graphic Novelist from Bournemouth, South Of England. With an extreme imagination and a huge passion for storytelling, Lucifer has crafted a large stable of characters and stories that have entertained readers across the globe. Lucifer is a proud geek, horror fan, movie lover, musician, animal lover and a passionate supporter of free speech who doesn't show signs of slowing down any time soon.


The Bram Stoker Awards

Each year, the Horror Writer’s Association presents the Bram Stoker Awards for Superior Achievement, named in honor of Bram Stoker, author of the seminal horror work, Dracula. The Bram Stoker Awards were instituted immediately after the organization’s incorporation in 1987.

To ameliorate the competitive nature of any award system, the Bram Stoker Awards are given “for superior achievement,” not for “best of the year,” and the rules are deliberately designed to make ties possible. The first awards were presented in 1988 (for works published in 1987) and they have been presented every year since. The award itself is an eight-inch replica of a fanciful haunted house, designed specifically for HWA by sculptor Steven Kirk. The door of the house opens to reveal a brass plaque engraved with the name of the winning work and its author.

Any work of Horror first published in the English language may be considered for an award during the year of its publication. The categories for which a Bram Stoker Award may be presented have varied over the years, reflecting the state of the publishing industry and the horror genre.

The twelve Bram Stoker Award categories are: Novel, First Novel, Short Fiction, Long Fiction, Young Adult, Fiction Collection, Poetry Collection, Anthology, Screenplay, Graphic Novel, Nonfiction, and Short Nonfiction.

There are two paths to a work becoming a Nominee for the Bram Stoker Award. In one, the HWA membership at large recommends worthy works for consideration. A preliminary ballot for each category is compiled using a formula based on these recommendations. In the second, a Jury for each category also compiles a preliminary ballot. Two rounds of voting by our Active members then determine first the Final Ballot (all those appearing on the Final Ballot are “Bram Stoker Nominees”), and then the Bram Stoker Award Winners. The Winners are announced and the Bram Stoker Awards presented at a gala banquet, normally during the period between March and June.

In addition, Lifetime Achievement Awards are occasionally presented to individuals whose entire body of work has substantially influenced Horror.


The First Female Director

Alice Ida Antoinette Guy-Blaché (née Guy; French pronunciation: ​[alis gi blɑʃe] ; 1 July 1873 – 24 March 1968) was a French pioneer filmmaker. She was one of the first filmmakers to make a narrative fiction film, as well as the first woman to direct a film. From 1896 to 1906, she was probably the only female filmmaker in the world. She experimented with Gaumont's Chronophone sync-sound system, and with color-tinting, interracial casting, and special effects.

She was artistic director and a co-founder of Solax Studios in Flushing, New York. In 1912, Solax invested $100,000 for a new studio in Fort Lee, New Jersey, the center of American filmmaking prior to the establishment of Hollywood. That year, she made the film A Fool and His Money, probably the first to have an all-African-American cast. The film is now preserved at the National Center for Film and Video Preservation at the American Film Institute for its historical and aesthetic significance.


Maximum Overdrive Review

Maximum Overdrive is a 1986 American action-horror-science fiction film written and directed by novelist Stephen King. The screenplay was inspired by and loosely based on King's short story, Trucks, which was included in King's first collection of short stories, Night Shift.

Maximum Overdrive is Stephen King's first and only directorial effort, though dozens of films have been based on King's novels. The film contained black humor elements and a generally camp tone, which contrasts with King's sombre subject matter in books. The neophyte director was nominated for the title of "Worst Director" by the Golden Raspberry Awards in 1987, but lost against Prince for Under the Cherry Moon. King himself described the film as a "moron movie" and stated his intention to never direct again soon after.

In a 2002 interview with Tony Magistrale for the novel Hollywood's Stephen King, King stated that he was "coked out of [his] mind all through its production, and [he] really didn't know what [he] was doing." In spite of this, King stated in the same interview that he "learned a lot from the experience," and would "like to try directing again sometime."

However, for the same reasons the film is viewed by some as a form of comedy horror and the film has retained a cult following. In 1988, Maximum Overdrive was nominated for "Best Film" at The International Fantasy Film Awards.

The film is seen as more of a straight action movie, rather than a straight horror film.

The film has a mid-1980s rock and roll/hard rock soundtrack composed entirely by the group AC/DC, Stephen King's favorite band. AC/DC's album, Who Made Who, was released as the Maximum Overdrive soundtrack. It includes the best-selling singles Who Made Who, You Shook Me All Night Long, and Hells Bells.


The First Horror TV Show

Les Vampires is a 1915–16 French silent crime serial film written and directed by Louis Feuillade. Set in Paris, it stars Édouard Mathé, Musidora and Marcel Lévesque. The main characters are a journalist and his friend who become involved in trying to uncover and stop a bizarre underground Apache gang, known as The Vampires (who are not the mythological beings their name suggests). The serial consists of ten episodes, which vary greatly in length. Being roughly 7 hours long, it is considered one of the longest films ever made. It was produced and distributed by Feuillade's company Gaumont. Due to its stylistic similarities with Feuillade's other crime serials Fantômas and Judex, the three are often considered a trilogy.

Fresh from the success of Feuillade's previous serial, Fantômas, and facing competition from rival company Pathé, Feuillade made the film quickly and inexpensively with very little written script. Upon its initial release Les Vampires was given negative reviews by critics for its dubious morality and its lack of cinematic techniques compared to other films. However, it was a massive success with its wartime audience, making Musidora a star of French cinema. The film has since come under re-evaluation and is considered by many to be Feuillade's magnum opus and a cinematic masterpiece. It is recognised for developing thriller techniques, adopted by Alfred Hitchcock and Fritz Lang, and avant-garde cinema, inspiring Luis Buñuel and others. It is included in the book 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die.


Big things with small wings


Blood Moon Podcast

The Blood Moon has Risen

Blood Moon Podcast brings to life stories of the strange and sometimes terrifying. The Blood Moon Host narrates as the chilling stories are augmented by a soundtrack of effects and music.

Animal totems portend the paranormal accounts and tales. A black cat brings us a true story. A vampire bat bites into a tall tale. An owl flies in a story from other worlds.

Got a story you want on the show? Make your submission here.

Blood Moon Podcast is produced and hosted by Andrew Carey.


No Sell Out Productions





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The First Horror Trilogy

Der Golem (German: Der Golem, shown in the US as The Monster of Fate) is a partially lost 1915 German silent horror film written and directed by Paul Wegener and Henrik Galeen. It was inspired by a Jewish folktale, the most prevalent version of the story involving 16th century Rabbi Judah Loew ben Bezalel who created the Golem to protect his people from antisemites.[1] Wegener claimed the film was based on Gustav Meyrink's 1915 novel The Golem, but, as the movie has little to do with existing Jewish traditions, Troy Howarth states "it is more likely that (the screenwriters) simply drew upon European folklore".

The film was the first of a trilogy produced by Wegener, followed by The Golem and the Dancing Girl (1917) and The Golem: How He Came into the World (1920).


The 10 Best And 10 Worst Stephen King Movies

Ever since his rise to prominence as a bestselling author in the '70s with his classic novel Carrie, Stephen King's works have made the leap to film or television well over 100 times, making him the all-time "king" of adaptations by a living author. With so many different movies and shows inspired by his work (and more on the way), it'd be near impossible to rank them all—especially since so many (like Firestarter or 2017's The Dark Tower) simply fall in the realm of unremarkable mediocrity. Instead, we've put together a list (in no particular order) of the ten best and ten worst Stephen King movies so you'll know which ones are worth your time—and which you should avoid at all costs.


Horror Hotel

Hosted by Lamia, Queen of the Dark, Horror Hotel brings you the best in classic and independent horror and sci-fi movies. With a knowledgeable host and a motley cast of characters, this show is sure to keep any fan of the horror genre entertained. Also featuring interviews with independent filmmakers and horror icons, film trailers, short films, horror trivia, event coverage and more, Horror Hotel has something for everyone!


The Vortexx

Welcome to the Vortexx! Your home for Horror Hosts, B-movies, and Cult Classics. Proudly running since 2010 24/7 365 with LIVE CHAT and the best movies and fans in all of the known Universes!


Attack of the Giant Leeches

In a community near a swamp, a local dweller sees a couple of giant monsters but nobody believes him. Later, the cuckold Dave Walker finds his slut wife Liz Walker cheating on him with his friend Cal Moulton. He chases the couple through the swamp, and forces them to jump into the water. The leeches take them and shocked Dave is arrested and accused of murder. Two other locals decide to look for the bodies of Liz and Cal to get the prize of US $50.00 per body, and also vanish in the swamp. Finally, game warden Steve Benton organizes a patrol to investigate the caves under the swamp, finding the lethal giant leeches.


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