Episode #43

Originally aired November 12, 2022.


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Vinegar Syndrome – Cult Film Preservation & Releasing [Official Website]

Who we are

Vinegar Syndrome is a film restoration and distribution company with a catalogue of hundreds of feature films, produced primarily between the 1960s and 1980s.

Founded by Ryan Emerson and Joe Rubin, VS has been acclaimed by The New York Times, Village Voice, Dangerous Minds, The Foglenest Files, and many others as one of the premier independent genre film focused distribution companies in the world, and was noted by Alamo Drafthouse Theatres as “…perhaps the most important home video label in the world for genre film…”

Our ever growing archive includes the catalogues of Ace Booking Company, Bero Consultants, Blu-Pix, Bunnco, Caribbean Films, Citrus Productions, Coastline Films, Gail Films, Great American Soap Opera Corporation, Hollywood International, Lima Productions, PRP Inc, Satellite 3, Star Distributors, TTR Inc, Winters/Lucas Productions, and more, making ours the largest and most comprehensive library of American sexploitation cinema in the world.

What we do

Our work has resulted in the digital restoration and preservation of over 500 feature films, more than any other independent studio. We also work closely with several archives and institutions, such as: MoMa (The Museum of Modern Art), The Academy Film Archive, The Library of Congress, UCLA, The Walker Art Center and many more.

Our in-house lab partner, OCN Digital Labs, affords us the capability to perform the highest quality digital film preservations achievable on titles that, in many cases, would otherwise deteriorate beyond the point of saving. Our goal in every restoration we do is to try and bring each film back to its originally intended theatrical exhibition quality, and to make the vast treasures in our archives available to fans and film lovers of all generations.

Vinegar Syndrome?

Our namesake is a constant reminder of what we’re fighting against. Simply put, the term ‘vinegar syndrome’ describes a chemical reaction that deteriorates motion picture film over time. Film preservation is a race against time, especially with long-neglected genres and underground films.


‘Halloween’ Director John Carpenter Explains Why He Doesn’t Like Legendary’s Godzilla Movies, “They Lack Charm” [Bounding Into Comics]

John Carpenter, one of the most celebrated filmmakers to work in the horror genre, wrapped up screening his favorite Japanese monster movies hosted by Shout Factory.


Blight Survival reveals first gameplay for its brutal medieval zombie horror action [Niche Gamer]

Two-man Icelandic developer Haenir Studio shared the first gameplay for Blight: Survival, their brutal zombie horror slasher game set in an alternate medieval Europe.


The Creepiest Depictions Of Hell In The Movies [Ranker]

Most of us wonder what happens when we die, so it's no surprise movies have been preoccupied with what comes next since the earliest days of motion pictures. As such, there have been plenty of movies about Hell over the years, ranging from silent films about devils with pitchforks jabbing sinners in boiling lakes to more recent depictions that are often highly subjective, gory, or both.

With so many different versions of on-screen Hell, it can be hard to know which cinematic Hell is creepiest. Thankfully, creators have imagined all sorts of different Hells - ranging from animated features and buddy comedies to horror movies about demons - so there's bound to be at least one depiction that fills you with existential dread.

Which films feature the worst versions of Hell? That all depends on what you're most afraid of.


13 Best Nude Horror Movie Kills of All Time [Movie Web]

From the shocking Sleepaway Camp to the sexy Species, these nude horror movie kills are some of the best ever committed to celluloid.


Book Review – Black Gypsies (2022) by Grant Wamack [Dead End Follies]

I know next to nothing about Chicago. I can name all the sports teams that are based there. I also know about deep dish pizza and Al Capone, but that's it. It's as much of an American myth as it is a real place for me. It's also a character in Grant Wamack's short novel Black Gypsies. While I don't know the exact degree of realism Wamack's novel entails (because who fucking cares about realism when you're writing fiction?), but it painted an intoxicating portrait of a brutal and mysterious place that eats people's souls.


Chamber of Chills 13 (Oct 1952) [Comic Book Plus]

Chamber of Chills is the name of two anthology horror comic books, one published by Harvey Publications in the early 1950s, the other by Marvel Comics in the 1970s.


Elvira Leaves Twitter Following Platform Landscape Changes [iHorror]

Elvira, Mistress of the Dark is leaving Twitter after platform landscape changes begin to take form. Recently, Elon Musk took the reins at Twitter and has been on a tirade about the changes that he wants to implement. Not surprisingly, this bravado has brought about a swarm of hate-filled rhetoric that mirrors a lot of Trump followers during the time of his reign.


Unknowing, I Sink Book Review [Hellnotes]

Unknowing, I Sink is an entertaining and quick read firmly in the realm of Lovecraftian horror (though it’s not explicitly connected with the Cthulhu Mythos). This novella was originally published by Independent Legions Publishing in 2020 but has been newly re-released with new cover art in an ebook format. Timothy G. Huguenin was a writer new to me, but I’m looking forward to reading more of his work.


Alien (1979) Director’s Cut vs Theatrical Cut [Movie-Censorship]

Comparison between the Director's Cut and the Theatrical Version. This cut report only discusses the parts in which the Theatrical Cut is longer than the Director's Cut. There is a seperate report for the other way around.

The uncensored Director's Cut is approximitely 47 seconds shorter than the Theatrical Version, although the altered scenes in the Director's Cut add up to 321 seconds. The Theatrical Version is longer than the Director's Cut.

Back in the year 1979 Alien was something unique and had the reputation of being a Space-Opera. This was mainly justified by the neverending tracking shots and cameratakes. Ridley Scott had accelerated the movie a little for the DC, to make it more appealing to audiences of the new millenium.


Dr Lamb (1992) Movie Review [Indie Horror Films]

Hong Kong is not well known for having serial killers making headlines (there have been two as of this writing). This story is somewhat loosely based on one of them. Released in Hong Kong in Cantonese (also available on this Blu-ray in Mandarin or English subtitles), it became one the highest grossing horror films in the city, gathering a Category III Rating (adults only). This new 30 Anniversary Edition is completely uncut, taken from the original negative in 2K, so it is nice and crip.


10 Deleted Horror Scenes That Have Never Been Released [Horror Land]

Not every movie ends up exactly like the original screen play. Scripts are constantly being adapted and changed, new ideas are brought up, and things are cut out for one reason or another. Sometimes it’s because they don’t fit with the current pacing or tone, other times it’s because those scenes are just too scary Here are some examples that you probably won’t see anytime soon… 10 Deleted Horror Scenes that have Never been Released


Cosmic horror game WORLD OF HORROR hits full release in summer 2023 [Niche Gamer]

Publisher Ysbryd Games and developer Panstasz announced WORLD OF HORROR is hitting full release next year.


‘Halloween Ends’ Star Jamie Lee Curtis Reportedly Gives Cold Shoulder To Fellow Franchise Stars Danielle Harris And Scout Taylor-Compton [Bounding Into Comics]

Halloween Ends may be a disappointment to a segment of the lifelong Shape fandom, if not a bane to their existence, but the mixed feelings about what was supposed to be the conclusion of a trilogy are nothing compared to the allegedly dirty and disappointing treatment by its lead, Jamie Lee Curtis, to actresses who came after her.


Robotic Killer Santa Claus Comes to Life in Official Trailer for CHRISTMAS BLOODY CHRISTMAS [Daily Dead]

Written and directed by Joe Begos (Bliss, VFW), the holiday horror film Christmas Bloody Christmas follows a robotic Santa Claus on a violent rampage, and we have a look at the trailer and poster ahead of its December 9th theatrical and Shudder streaming release.


VOTE via comment for your favorite "Treehouse of Horror" episode [Minds]


Svengali (1931) – Full Movie [Internet Archive]

A music maestro uses hypnotism on a young model he meets in Paris to make her both his muse and wife.



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