Friday 13 Movies Special – The Jason Voorhees Saga [El Primo de Ridley Scott]

Without a doubt we all know that number 13 is associated with bad luck, the most negative superstition and the bad omen. Extreme fear of number 13 is called triscadecaphobia. We can get an idea with some examples such as that 13 were the people who were at the last supper with Jesus Christ, 13 are the evil spirits of the Jewish Kabbalah, 13 is the number representing Loki in Scandinavian mythology, in the Tarot it is the death number and we all know what happened to NASA's Apollo 13 mission. But if we also put it together on the 13th with the fifth day of the week, Friday, things take another turn. And is that the Friday 13It is a day considered bad luck in most western cultures ( in Spain, instead we changed it to Tuesday 13 ). This belief dates back to Friday, October 13, 1307, which is when a group of Templar knights were executed by the Inquisition under the orders of Philip IV of France.

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