Savage Cinema [Official Website]

Finally the new issue of Savage Cinema is live and online. Been busing working on Berdella the past two years among other things and hope you enjoy what we have in store for you. The internet just keeps getting better and better, I mean I can get a 2 terabyte hard drive for $150 and download a ridiculous amount of movies with all that space. I can find almost every movie ever made online. All lost OOP classics can be found at places like Cinnemageddon, its a fantasy come true for bad movie lovers.

This new issue really comes from the heart, we spent months on this issue and kept changing the line-up time and time again. I really like the aesthetics of this issue, the color scheme, layout, and article selection. Although Savage Cinema isn't regularly updated like the bulk of genre sites out there, I look at it more along the lines of a luxury automobile. Something that doesn't need to come around all that often, but when it does ...everyone sure takes a minute to check it out.

On that note, I hope you all enjoy the June 2010 issue of the number 1 cult web zine...Savage Cinema.

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