7 Horror Movies That Will Haunt You Long After Watching [Horror Obsessive]

In a delightfully endless pool of horror movies, why do some haunt us for days, even months after watching? In some cases, it’s more than a high-pitched violin and a quick jump. You’re shown the bad things that happen in the daylight, the things you can’t control; it’s the sense of doom that disturbs you. When you see a slasher, you get the gore, the heightened musical score around the kill, and you’re the spectator. It’s a good formula and it works. But, you might not think much more about it.

I like movies that present an unexpected scare. They may be a little slower-paced, they may just gross you out. I’ve realized that, during my life of consuming horror movies, certain movies have haunted me for years following the initial watch. Certain scenes just creep into my thoughts in the middle of the night giving me the heebies immediately followed by the jeebies. If you haven’t had that cold, stomach-dropping feeling from a movie lately, here are seven of the best horror movies that will haunt you!


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