The 10 Most Underrated Horror Movies of the 2010s [Bearded Gentlemen Music]

The state of horror in the 2000s, following the post-Scream resurgence, was one full of experimentation. Without it, we may not have seen the undeniable diversity that rose in the decade after. Boundaries were pushed and morals had changed. There was a deeper conversation waiting to happen, and horror was the avenue that many progressive thinkers would take.

Whether or not a decade is better than the last depends on your outlook. Film is very much seen in the same way. Although horror may never get a fair chance in the public eye, there are a number of films that have successfully crossed over the threshold. They’ve gone from obscure to fully recognized, and they’re deemed ‘important’ in the grand scheme. This list of horror titles is not necessarily made for those movies. They have had their time, and, more likely than not, they will continue to be heralded for years and years to come.

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