Top 10 Scariest Cartoon Villains

  1. Bill Cipher - from "Gravity Falls": A powerful and malevolent demon who can manipulate reality and possesses a twisted sense of humor.
  2. The Joker - from "Batman: The Animated Series": An iconic supervillain with a sadistic nature, known for his maniacal laughter and unpredictable behavior.
  3. Scar - from "The Lion King": A cunning and manipulative lion who orchestrates the murder of his own brother to become king, and rules with tyranny and cruelty.
  4. Him - from "The Powerpuff Girls": A mysterious and demonic entity with a high-pitched voice and a sinister demeanor, who delights in causing chaos and corruption.
  5. Oogie Boogie - from "The Nightmare Before Christmas": A boogeyman-like creature made of bugs, who revels in tormenting others and has a penchant for gambling.
  6. Mojo Jojo - from "The Powerpuff Girls": A super-intelligent simian supervillain with a grudge against the titular heroes, who uses his scientific knowledge for evil purposes.
  7. Plankton - from "SpongeBob SquarePants": A small, conniving and manipulative plankton who constantly schemes to steal the Krusty Krab's secret formula and ruin Mr. Krabs' business.
  8. Zurg - from "Buzz Lightyear of Star Command": A menacing and ruthless space emperor who seeks to conquer the universe and destroy the heroic Buzz Lightyear.
  9. Ursula - from "The Little Mermaid": A wicked sea witch who tricks Ariel into making a dangerous deal, and revels in using dark magic to achieve her nefarious goals.
  10. Cruella de Vil - from "101 Dalmatians: The Animated Series": A fashion-obsessed socialite with a penchant for fur, who kidnaps and harms innocent puppies in her pursuit of a new coat.

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