Chernobyl City, Trip to the Exclusion Zone

Сhernobyl tourism. A hope for better future

One of the most unusual travel destinations - Chernobyl Exclusion Zone is considered Ukraine’s and Europe’s most unique and popular among «dark tourism» sites, with the most beautiful after-nuclear-catastrophe landscapes with nature retaking abandoned Soviet cities and villages. It may appear that decaying buildings which are occupied now by the trees and lush greenery were uninhabited centuries ago. But in fact, 2016 year had only marked 30 years that passed after the biggest nuclear disaster that had ever happened on Earth.

Travel tours to Chernobyl and Pripyat ghost towns are unbelievably popular among the people of different ages and citizens from all around the world. Bloggers, writers, stars of the TV had been here for tailoring new emotions. People with diverse interests and hobbies are attracted by this place more and more each year. And everyone tells that experience is worthwhile and exceptional. Over 38 000 people booked tours to Pripyat in 2016 to get closer to the history of the place, its atmosphere, feel the Soviet Union ghost which lingered there, within the forlornness and decay of “peaceful atom” area, and of course to pay respect to the victims of the catastrophe: liquidators, people who helped with neutralizing Chernobyl accident consequences. As well as to the citizens who haven’t been even cautioned or informed of the tragedy but should have changed their lives, not knowing they will never come back. Today’s main purpose of Chernobyl tours from Kiev or any other part of the world is more educational than entertaining. You can visit Pripyat and go to the city of Chornobyl not just for new experiences in a unique place but first of all to learn about the reasons which led to the tragic event and the response it had in people's lives.

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