Haunt Former – Halloween Decorations Extraordinaire

For All Things Halloween, this is Haunt Former. The YouTube channel dedicated to Halloween content year-round! Here you'll find Halloween and horror-related reviews, unboxings, horror stories and short films, annual haunted house builds, Halloween prop tutorials, and much more...

R.I.P. Reviews: Halloween and horror-related reviews, critiqued using the "Five Skull" rating scale. These reviews can range anywhere from props, masks, toys, movies, food, and more.

Haunted House Builds: Each year, Haunt Former annually constructs a home haunted house. This build series goes behind the scenes on how the event comes together.

Halloween Prop Tutorials: Monster making and DIY prop building tutorials make it easy and fun to create your own ghoulish creations.

Haunt Stories: Narrated horror stories written by Haunt Former OR other independent creators.

The Uncanny Forms: Allegedly true stories of the macabre.

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