The Ultimate Guide To 80’s VHS Box Art That Scared You [Horror Land]

In the 1980s, VHS was a massive thing because it was the only affordable and accessible way of watching movies at home, without having to wait years for films to be shown on TV. For those of us who were Kids during the VHX boom, we all loved renting movies from their neighborhood video store because of the massive choice of films available. With vibrant colours and exciting box art, the experience of shopping for a movie was like being a in a sweet shop, just that the sweets were huge plastic containers filled with magical tales, heroic warriors and terrible villains. Yes, going to the video store was a great experience.. However, like a container of liquorice lace, not all the boxes were to flavour.

I have memories of going to our local video store and being so excited about what we were going to watch that night, only to be confronted with some sort of terrifying creature reaching out from one of the boxes. Yes… I had wandered into… the HORROR SECTION. Many a sleepless night can be chalked up to the dark imagery artists conjured up for VHS covers, and this article celebrates some of the more menacing examples.

Let’s take a look at some of the most iconic 80s VHS Box Art that scared the pants off us during the VHS boom and the different styles used. Here is The Ultimate Guide To 80’s VHS Box Art That Scared You!

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