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Five Top Ghost Tours For National Ghost Hunting Day [Halloween Every Night]

True believers see ghosts everywhere. Skeptics see bupkis. But on National Ghost Hunting Day, there is something for both to enjoy in five of the best ghost tours in the country.

On Sept. 24, aficionados can celebrate National Ghost Hunting Day by doing more than singing the Ghostbusters theme.

Many cities have dark pasts that breed speculation about the supernatural, though some locations must be seen to be enjoyed.

“A good ghost tour provides a rich history and a balance of legends while incorporating the modern,” says Cris August, owner of OC Ghosts and Legends. “It’s a field that requires a great deal of patience, but everyone loves a good ghost story.”

Halloween Every Night assembled a white-knuckled fist full of ghost tours from around the country that embody that spirit of entertainment.

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