Ghoulish Productions [Official Website]

Thanks to you, we are celebrating 70 years of producing the first commercial mask of our founder Rafael Esponda Vila (REV).

Today we are recognized as the company that makes the best masks in the world for its quality, innovation and creativity.

We have expanded to more than 25 countries bringing fantasy and fun with our products. We want all our clients to be successful when they decide to transform, personify or characterize themselves with one of our masks, so this year we have made a double effort by presenting our new lines in this catalog.

We join one the greatest horror sculptors that has impacted the world of disguise : Mario Chiodo and his Nigthmare Collection with a new of creatures and characters.

In our new Perfect Fit Line you can discover a new feeling of lightness, mobility and comfort in a mask as we create a patented formula of latex flex that fits perfectly in the face. The Urban Mask Line will amaze you for the excellent finishes and the thickness that prevents it from deforming.

We continue with the licenses that you already know, the themes of Creepy pastes, clowns, zombies, applications, accessories and decorations.

We hope you continue to enjoy the amazing world of Ghoulish Productions as much as we do.

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