20 of the Greatest Metal Songs About Horror Movies [The Pit]

Heavy metal has been tied to horror movies literally since its inception. If guitarist Tony Iommi hadn’t seen a cinema marquee advertising the 1963 Boris Karloff film Black Sabbath, his band would still be named Earth and might be a footnote in rock history. But not only did the boys from Birmingham take the name, they also imbued their music with the shadowy menace of classic horror films, and as such spawned a whole new genre of rock and roll which shunned the light and reveled in darkness.

Since then, horror movies and metal have been perpetually intertwined, whether that’s through metal musicians lending songs to gore flick soundtracks or even going on to direct or star in big-screen horror stories. Meanwhile, the makers of heavy music have become bloodthirsty horror addicts, going so far as to start bands and subgenres specifically to explore horror film as subject matter. The result is that a great many metal bands have written songs specifically about horror movies, paying tribute to the cinema that made them the sick individuals they are.

Here are the 20 best examples of heavy metal songs made about horror movies…


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