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Originally aired Saturday, July 9, 2022.


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The 12 Best Dean Koontz Books Of All Time

Known for his suspense thrillers, Dean Koontz is a well-known, beloved American bestselling author. Here, we’ll explore 12 of Dean Koontz’s best works.

Dean Koontz fans know the author works elements of various literary genres in his thriller novels, from horror to fantasy to science fiction. Thirty of the author’s novels have hit the number one spot on The New York Times Bestseller List.

Born in Pennsylvania, Koontz had a strict upbringing, dealing with abuse from his father. Koontz found solace in the courage of his mother and eventually went on to graduate from Shippensburg State College in 1967. He went on to teach English in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania.

Early in his career, he began using various pen names, such as Deanna Dwyer, Aaron Wolfe, Brian Coffey, Leigh Nichols, and Richard Paige. Under new names, Koontz felt that it was safer to explore themes that could potentially turn off certain groups of readers to his future work.

Here, we’ll explore the 12 best Dean Koontz books that keep readers on the edge of their seats.


ATM Review

On a late night visit to an ATM, three co-workers end up in a desperate fight for their lives when they become trapped by an unknown man.


5 Creepiest Bartenders In Horror Movies

My humble tribute to the legendary character actor’s most iconic performance, RIP Joe Turkel.


Terror at Collinwood A Dark Shadows Podcast

Terror at Collinwood is a podcast dedicated to the classic gothic television serial, Dark Shadows. This podcast explores and celebrates Dark Shadows’ storylines and characters, examining the show’s important place in gothic horror and pop culture history. The podcast also features in-depth discussions and interviews with fans and creators.

Terror at Collinwood is hosted by Penny Dreadful (Danielle Gelehrter) and her spectral guests…

Listen here, or subscribe via your favorite podcast app.


Top 50 Pre-Code Horror 1940s 1950s Halloween Special Golden Age

Welcome to CBSI’s Hot 50 Horror Comics 2020. I have been collecting Pre-Code Horror Comics since the summer of 2012 when I added the first horror comic to my collection, Vault of Horror #16 featuring an incredible cover by Graham Ingels(one of the few times he signed “ghastly” instead of his name) and also housing the origin of the Old Witch(The Crypt Keeper of this series). Over the last 8 years I have bought, sold & traded a few hundred pre-code horor comics and hundreds of late Golden/Early Silver Age horror comics in an attempt to generate funds to get the other PCH books I wanted. Bear in mind there is a difference between the amazing Crime Comic covers and the Horror we are taking a look at today, at least in my mind. For an all inclusive look at a larger section of what some of use in the community have started calling “Dark Golden Age” which was coined by one of the coolest cats on the GA scene “DSComics”. Check out the Dark Golden Age edition of Vintage Voyage on The Tales From The Flipside channel HERE.

With help from friends like Jon Z, Mike Morello and Nico, I have stayed mainly focused on vintage horror as I have had incredible people to discuss these investments with who are also very focused on the market of older scary books.

Below you will find the hottest 50 Vintage Horror Comics from my perspective along with the cover artist. There is always something to say about these covers, but for this list I am letting the art do the talking. If you want more insight into these picks, make sure check out Vintage Voyage where Jon Z and myself talk all things Golden Age including a fair amount of PCH. Remember hot doesn’t mean expensive, or at least not always. There are many comics here, even Golden Age, that are quite affordable.



The second Escape Artists podcast, PseudoPod is dedicated to bringing its listeners the best short horror fiction on the planet.

Edited by Shawn Garrett and Alex Hofelich, PseudoPod is a show that continually engages with two issues; the belief that horror as a genre is commonly out of touch and the desire to entertain but not traumatize an audience. With that in mind, the show constantly ‘tunes’ its approach to content warnings and listens closely to its community of listeners to continue to perfect the process.

That engagement with audience is coupled with the show’s infectious love for its genre. Shawn and Alex are both uniquely well read and well connected in the field, and a PseudoPod episode is as likely to feature a lost gem from a long dead author as it is a new nightmare from an upcoming star. Horror, all of it, is PseudoPod’s remit and host Alasdair Stuart is always ready with another story. One, as always, he promises you is true. Assistant Editor Karen Bovenmyer, winner of the 2016 Horror Writer Association’s Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley scholarship, rounds out the team.

PseudoPod’s new listener page is a fantastic place to start delving into its archives.

Published weekly by Escape Artists Inc., PseudoPod is produced and distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works license.


The Unseen (1980) an Obscure 80’s Slasher

The Unseen is a 1980 American horror film directed by Danny Steinmann that has pretty much fallen into the realm of cinematic obscurity. This well paced suspense film failed to make an impression during it’s release, and Marvelous Videos believe that only true horror fans would have seen it. Looking at the film and why it dropped off the radar.. here is The Unseen (1980) an Obscure 80’s Slasher.


The 10 Highest Rated Horror Films On Letterboxd

Any Letterboxd users in the house? While the platform is great for obsessively keeping tabs on everything we’ve ever watched, it’s also a useful tool for recommendations. Like IMDb, the Letterboxd rating system depends on its user’s opinions for ranking films. This has its pros and its cons, but it’s always interesting to see how the people have spoken. Today we’ve taken a look at the top ten highest-rated horror films on the app. And honestly, there aren’t too many surprises.

Earning its keep in first place is the John Carpenter cosmic meat-grinder The Thing. An early-eighties masterclass in intimate horror, there really still is no one quite like Carpenter when it comes to close-up personal fear. While this chilly Lovecraftian cornucopia was an infamous financial flop upon release, it’s since gone on to become one of the most beloved American horror titles of all time. From the pitch-perfect casting to the out-of-this-world practical effects, it’s no shocker that The Thing managed to crawl its way into the number one spot.

The silver medal on the Letterboxd list of highest-ranking horrors goes to the Alfred Hitchcock forever classic Psycho. It would be hard to imagine what the horror landscape would look like today if this slippery spookhouse didn’t terrify audiences back in 1960. And while the cultural impact of Psycho is permanent, the franchise itself has still yet to die. With three sequels, a remake and a successful television series in the bag, I’ve got to wonder, what’s next for this property?


The 50 Classic Horror Movies Every Scary Film Buff Must See

Brb, sleeping with the lights on forever.

If you're looking for a movie to bring the chills in a serious way, you need to start with the classics. Yes, there are some amazing modern horror movies(opens in new tab), but there's something about the staying power of the classics and their ability to scare generation after generation without fancy CGI monsters. Which isn't to say that there aren't also some modern movies that have become instant horror classics(opens in new tab), too. Over the years, our collective definition of horror movies has changed and evolved, from the old school Universal creature features to modern social and psychological horror movies like Jordan Peele's Get Out. If you consider yourself a true aficionado of all things horror, you'll appreciate everything the genre has to offer.

Whether you're looking for classic monster movies like The Bride of Frankenstein, iconic slashers like Friday the 13th and Halloween, sci-fi scares like Alien and Invasion of the Body Snatchers, or hilarious meta horror movies like Scream and Cabin in the Woods, we have you covered. Here are some of the most classic horror movies of all time that any self-respecting scary movie buff needs to see.


Top 10 horror movies to watch in the dead of summer

Had a long day in the summer heat? I’ve got the perfect thing to send a chill down your spine.

Do you want to find the perfect horror movie that fits your summer vibe? Whether you’re a die-hard horror fanatic or a casual scare enjoyer, the following list should have something for everyone.

So kick off your flip flops and sip on a lemonade, here are my top 10 favorite summertime horror movies.


Frank and Penelope

Frank (Billy Budinich) and his girlfriend, Penelope (Caylee Cowan), find themselves miles from civilization while traveling along a deserted stretch of dirt road. As darkness falls, they come upon a small motel and diner and decide to rest for the night. The next day, after robbing the diner, they suddenly become immersed in a hellish nightmare, When the proprietor of the motel and diner, Chisos, (Johnathon Schaech) a psychotic, cannibalistic Bible thumper along with his sadistic family (Donna D'Errico, Lin Shaye), take Frank and Penelope on a life and death journey, where escape is just a heart-pounding breath away. It soon becomes apparent that they are not the first to endure this. But these two will either get out together or “go out” together.


Chernobyl City, Trip to the Exclusion Zone

Сhernobyl tourism. A hope for better future

One of the most unusual travel destinations - Chernobyl Exclusion Zone is considered Ukraine’s and Europe’s most unique and popular among «dark tourism» sites, with the most beautiful after-nuclear-catastrophe landscapes with nature retaking abandoned Soviet cities and villages. It may appear that decaying buildings which are occupied now by the trees and lush greenery were uninhabited centuries ago. But in fact, 2016 year had only marked 30 years that passed after the biggest nuclear disaster that had ever happened on Earth.

Travel tours to Chernobyl and Pripyat ghost towns are unbelievably popular among the people of different ages and citizens from all around the world. Bloggers, writers, stars of the TV had been here for tailoring new emotions. People with diverse interests and hobbies are attracted by this place more and more each year. And everyone tells that experience is worthwhile and exceptional. Over 38 000 people booked tours to Pripyat in 2016 to get closer to the history of the place, its atmosphere, feel the Soviet Union ghost which lingered there, within the forlornness and decay of “peaceful atom” area, and of course to pay respect to the victims of the catastrophe: liquidators, people who helped with neutralizing Chernobyl accident consequences. As well as to the citizens who haven’t been even cautioned or informed of the tragedy but should have changed their lives, not knowing they will never come back. Today’s main purpose of Chernobyl tours from Kiev or any other part of the world is more educational than entertaining. You can visit Pripyat and go to the city of Chornobyl not just for new experiences in a unique place but first of all to learn about the reasons which led to the tragic event and the response it had in people's lives.


The Basement Sublet of Horror with your host Gunther Dedmund

Gunther Dedmund is the host of the Basement Sublet of Horror.

He has been collecting old film, living in basement apartments and attending college classes for over 45 years.

Gunther claims to be afflicted with a rare disorder called "Shortfilxia", which was caused by his being struck by lightning at a drive-in theater when he was a small lad. Because of this "disorder", Gunther can only stay awake for movies lasting one hour or less. This works out well since the show is only an hour, Gunther condenses each film down to around 40 minutes, then inter-cuts various odd public domain film bits, cartoons or newsreels in to spice things up. The Basement Sublet of Horror is a unique movie show that has aired across the mid-west.

The show has run for seventeen seasons (which are based on DVD collection sets, not actual years of broadcast) with over two hundred episodes on it's broadcast roster that have been broadcast on television, cable stations, and internet broadcast channels across the world.

Gunther is currently working on concepts for new TV shows, other films and TV based projects. He will also appear in several new books on horror and horror hosts as well as several appearances in Horrorhound and Scary Monsters magazines.

In 2012 BSOH began production on a companion magazine to the television program "The Basement Sublet of Horror magazine" which has had a run of well over ten complete issues, along with six Special Edition issues. BSOH is also interested in comic book publications with two books completed as part of the ever expanding publication series.

In 2019 BSOH was picked up by the online Internet channel "Night Flight Plus" based on the classic 1980s all-night television program, the new channel is also run by the original producers. Also picked up were the two other television programs produced by Demolition Kitchen Video "Living Room" and "Junkyard & The Rabbit".

The Show & Producer

The Basement Sublet of Horror is the creation of the show's producer Joel Sanderson who's been working with old films his whole life. Their were several incarnations of this movie show presented in different live formats, years before the production on BSOH began. "M.T. Pockets Budget Film Fest" was a live stage show that played at the Wichita Center for the Arts in Wichita, Kansas for six years from 1996 to 2002. Preceded by "The Escape' Drive-in" an outdoor drive-in movie theme party that was held in Vinland, Kansas from 1989 to 1994.

BSOH is based on Joel's nostalgia for vintage horror hosts from the past, especially "The Host and Rodney" show from Wichita's television history. The basic concepts of BSOH are a loving parody of "The Host and Rodney", BSOH includes a lonely house on the hill in the shows opening segment as a homage to the host's original TV program which was also known as "Nightmare".


Scream Horror Magazine

The world’s scariest publication, SCREAM – Blood, guts, gore & more! We are THE WORLD’S NUMBER ONE HORROR MAGAZINE. We cover movies, celebrity interviews, DVDs/Blu-rays, festivals, books, games, comics, graphic novels, fiction/non-Fiction, photography, clothing/fashion, news, reviews, previews, competitions, on-location film reports & much, much more!

SCREAM MAGAZINE (100 pages per issue) is published bi-monthly in glossy full bloody colour print (digital iSCREAM editions also produced alongside the print magazine). Worldwide subscriptions to SCREAM Magazine (single issues and other related products) are available to order online at:


18 artists changing the face of horror

These creatives have dark, gruesome and horrifying nailed.

Horror and gothic art won't lose its appeal as long as society maintains its fascination with death. For some artists, the macabre provides a release from internalised fear. For others, it's a playful way to seek a reaction from their viewers.

Whatever the motive, managing to capture a truly frightening scene, and present the viewer with a disturbing yet beautiful image, is a real skill.

In honour of Halloween, we take a look at great contemporary artists who focus on dark fantasy themes, with many revealing why they paint such deadly themes.


Halls of Horror #26 v03n02 – 1983



Tony Crawley surveys the global fantasy screen scene while our man in Hollywood, Anthony Tate, provides the hot gossip from Sunset Boulevard. All this plus Forrest J Ackerman remembering the 'Man of a Thousand Faces' and Dave Reeder assessing the current crop of fantasy in print.


Vincent Price. Peter Cushing. Christopher Lee and John Carradine make horror movie history in this new film from genre favourite Pete Walker. The story of'how' and 'why' from Anthony Tate.



The last original horror star claims to have made over 500 films. In a full career article, a truer picture is presented by Stephen Jones.


The concluding part of our comic-strip adaptation of The Monster Club.Story by Dez Skinn, Art by John Bolton and David Llovd.


The actor who claims not to make horror films, so why are we profiling him in a horror film magazine? Feature By Stephen Jones


Before Jamie Lee Curtis and Adrienne Barbeau, before Caroline Munro and even before Ingrid Pitt there was Barbara Steele. Spurned by Hammer, degraded by Hollywood, she found fame in Italy. Interview by Tony Crawley.


The most complete Steele filmography ever. Compiled by editor Dave Reeder


Bela Lugosi, Boris Karloff and Peter Lorre. The original horror stars whose images haunt us still. A study of the parallels in their careers. Feature by Anthony Tate.


Return of HoH's popular feature. You send us the questions; we'll try to answer them.


Is nostalgia all that it used to be? This and more from regular columnist Ramsey Campbell.


Haunted School

Haunted School is a horror-action game to enter the school, find the belongings of the priests, and exorcise the girl. How far can you go in this scary horror game?


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