Episode #29

Originally aired on August 6, 2022.


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An Indepth Look at thehorrorstreamlive.com Website

Take a break from all the blood and guts in the real world and join us for all the blood and guts in the world of horror fiction every Saturday at 6pm ET for a 6 hour horror podcast only on Odysee.

Sat at 6pm ET in New York, USA

Sat at 3pm PT in Los Angeles, USA

Sat at 11pm GMT in London, England

Sun at 10am AEST in Sydney, Australia

THE HORROR STREAM LIVE covers any and everything horror. From the very big like movies, TV shows and books to the very small like horror memes, sketches of Jack-o'-lanterns, photos of your movie collection and everything in between. As long as it's horror, it has a place on THE HORROR STREAM LIVE.

Small independent horror content creators move to the front of the line. Think of THE HORROR STREAM LIVE as a weekly 6 hour vehicle for promoting the works of small indie horror creators. A 6 hour weekly entertaining infomercial if you will.


The Exorcism of Roland Doe – The Events that Inspired William Peter Blatty’s The Exorcist Book and Movie

In the late 1940s, in the United States, priests of the Roman Catholic Church performed a series of exorcisms on an anonymous boy, documented under the pseudonym "Roland Doe" or "Robbie Mannheim". The 14-year-old boy was the alleged victim of demonic possession, and the events were recorded by the attending priest, Raymond J. Bishop. Subsequent supernatural claims surrounding the events were used as elements in William Peter Blatty's 1971 novel The Exorcist. In December 2021, The Skeptical Inquirer and The Guardian reported the purported true identity of Roland Doe/Robbie Mannheim as Ronald Edwin Hunkeler (June 1, 1935 – May 10, 2020).


Haunt Former – Halloween Decorations Extraordinaire

For All Things Halloween, this is Haunt Former. The YouTube channel dedicated to Halloween content year-round! Here you'll find Halloween and horror-related reviews, unboxings, horror stories and short films, annual haunted house builds, Halloween prop tutorials, and much more...

R.I.P. Reviews: Halloween and horror-related reviews, critiqued using the "Five Skull" rating scale. These reviews can range anywhere from props, masks, toys, movies, food, and more.

Haunted House Builds: Each year, Haunt Former annually constructs a home haunted house. This build series goes behind the scenes on how the event comes together.

Halloween Prop Tutorials: Monster making and DIY prop building tutorials make it easy and fun to create your own ghoulish creations.

Haunt Stories: Narrated horror stories written by Haunt Former OR other independent creators.

The Uncanny Forms: Allegedly true stories of the macabre.

NEW videos weekly, so subscribe...if you dare!


The Art of Crow Phantom – Vintage Comic Style Halloween Artist


The Odyssey of Homer Tate, The Man Behind America’s Greatest Hoaxes

Homer Tate pioneered the roadside attraction that quickly grew in popularity during the 1940’s and 50’s, by fabricating monstrous creations that would draw in curious tourists from across the country. Pioneering dark tourism and creating the world’s first roadside freak-show museums. We look at the man, the myths and his lasting legacy.


The Complete Horror Movies Timeline

Horror movies are almost as old as the medium of film itself. We love them for their jump scares, but also how they reflect our deepest fears and anxieties. In short, horror resonates with us. If you're interested in reflecting on the horror genre, then let our ultimate guide to horror movies show how we got from innovative and timeless tales to modern classics like 'Let the Right One In', 'The Cabin in the Woods', and 'Us'.

Silent era horror movies laid the groundwork to craft stories and scares through atmosphere and visuals, without color, sound, or even music. (Outside of theater organs that might accompany the pictures, that is.) The horror genre evolved along with film technology, adding much to the monsters we could imagine, control of the mood through music and, of course, the sound of screams. It’s hard to imagine a horror movie without some screams!

We'll delve into some of these technological topics along with the films of celebrated directors, and the horror movies that were so innovative that they conjured new subgenres. These "firsts" brought new ideas to the cinema conversation, laying the groundwork for so many other films. As much as we'd like to add all of our favorites and guilty pleasures, we'll be sticking with firsts and other innovative horror movies, or else the list would never end!


Noel Marshall – The Producer of The Scariest Movie Ever Made and The Most Dangerous Movie Ever Made

Noel Marshall (April 18, 1931 – June 30, 2010) was an American agent, co-producer, and briefly a director, and actor. He moved to Hollywood, California, in his 20s and began investing in the production of a handful of films, including William Peter Blatty's The Exorcist.

In the 1970s, Marshall and his family, including his wife, Tippi Hedren, and step-daughter, Melanie Griffith, began production on Roar, which is notorious for its 11 year accident-ridden production due to the many production mishaps and damages caused on-set. The cast and crew worked with real big cats, leading to 70 people being injured during the making of the film. It later received the tagline "The most dangerous movie ever made".


Wicked Guild (Magog) – Horror, Comedy and Conservative Politics

Watch Wicked Guild dark fantasy comedy here! This also acts as the Magog of Morskar archive channel!


McKamey Manor – The 6 Hour, Intense & Terrifying Survival Horror Attraction

Be warned, MCKAMEY MANOR, is not your standard (boo) haunted house. This is an audience participation event in which (YOU) will live your own Horror Movie. This is a rough, intense and truly frightening experience. You must be in GREAT HEALTH to participate . Last year's haunt was absolutely nothing compared to the new MCKAMEY MANOR.

New for 2020, MCKAMEY MANOR Presents "DESCENT." The next evolution in interactive "SURVIVAL HORROR" theartre. Understand that each tour will be different based upon your personal fears, and can last up to 6 HOURS. Each guest will be mentally and physically challenged until you reach your personal breaking point.

Do not wear expensive clothing. Do not bring anything that cannot get wet. This can be an aggressive experience, and our actors will come in contact with you. You CANNOT in any way return the contact. If anyone becomes rowdy (pushing, shoving, running), they will immediately be removed - no questions asked. Anyone that has been drinking alcohol, or taking drugs will not be allowed into the haunt and will be asked to leave the property.

At check-in you will be required to show I.D. The waiver process for "DESCENT" will last 2 hours. ONE performance only per week (year round). Specific requirements must be met in order to ever take the tour.

Think about the average 10-20 minute haunt, or a theme park at Halloween and what you've experienced. Was it really Interactive and Scary? At the new MCKAMEY MANOR you will experience thrills that you HAVE NEVER SEEN BEFORE. You will be tested to your very core. If things become too much, you can always quit...if we let you...


You wake up and find yourself in a horror franchise, what franchise would you prefer to wake up in and why

This is a new, hopefully fun short interview template, where you imagine you are trapped in a series of horror books and films, it’s meant to be a lighthearted way to talk about the thing you want to promote without directly talking about it. As with all of the other templates, please include a biography, the product you want to promote, any social media links or links to purchase your stuff at the end of the article and please attach a profile picture that we can use in the article.


The Most Dangerous Game (1932) – Full Movie

When legendary hunter Bob Rainsford is shipwrecked on the perilous reefs surrounding a mysterious island, he finds himself the guest of the reclusive and eccentric Count Zaroff. While he is very gracious at first, Zaroff eventually forces Rainsford and two other shipwreck survivors, brother and sister Eve and Martin Towbridge, to participate in a sadistic game of cat and mouse in which they are the prey and he is the hunter.


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